NTC Depots and Stands



Situated at Haute Rive, Riviere Du Rempart.

On the 12th March 1983, the operations of Ex Riviere Du Rempart Bus Service was taken over by the National Transport Corporation.

75 Kms from the NTC Head Office.

Fleet at depot: 64 buses.

Situated at Pointe Aux Sables.

Fleet at depot: 86 buses.

Situated at Remy Ollier Ave,Vacoas.

Fleet at depot: 210 buses.

Situated at 16th Mile (Ex Savanne Bus Service) Forest Side.

Five minutes to the City Center and Curepipe Bus stand (Ian Pallach South & North).

Fleet at depot: 101 buses.

Situated at Royal Road, Souillac.

Operation started in the year of 1982.

Fleet at depot: 64 buses.

We have one stand in Riviere du Rempart at Haute Rive.

We have two stands at Port-Louis:

  • Immigration Square
  • Victoria Square

We have two stands at Curepipe:

  • Curepipe North
  • Curepipe South

We have the following stands:

  • Bord Cascade – Henrietta Stand
  • Ollier Stand
  • Quatre Bornes Stand
  • Vacoas Stand
  • Rose Hill Stand

We have one stand in the south at Riviere des Galets